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Behavioral Health Group (BHG) is a leading provider of opioid addiction treatment services.

With 37 locations in Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas, BHG provides pharmacotherapeutic maintenance and detoxification services in a conventional outpatient setting.

BHG's services include Methadone maintenance and Buprenorphine (aka: Suboxone) maintenance programs.

At Behavioral Health Group, we believe that all human beings possess inherent worth and deserve compassion, dignity, and respect, regardless of addiction, age, sex, health status, sexual orientation, disability, or social or ethnic origin. We are committed to the belief that no patient should walk through the doors of our treatment centers without feeling a sense of Hope, Respect, and Caring.

We work with patients to restore, maintain, and enhance their personal well-being - and, in doing so, we improve the well-being of their families, friends, and communities. Ultimately, we help patients make a positive difference in their own lives and, by extension, in their communities.

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Q: What services do your OTPs offer?

Our facilities offer an array of health, social, and human services, tailored to meet individual patient needs.  Our programs include access to numerous services – whether on-site or by referral – and the majority of these are provided at no extra cost to the patient. Typically, most of these services are included in the program fee, which...

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I’ve started going back to school. I respect myself a lot more. This program has helped me in a lot of different ways, not only getting clean. It’s helped me get back on my feet.

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