COVID-19 Update

Last updated October 4, 2022

At BHG, our patients’ health has always been our top priority.

In keeping with our policy of aligning with CDC guidelines, BHG is making the following changes with respect to COVID prevention.

The measures we have put in place are as follows:

  • Masking is no longer mandatory for all patients and staff on BHG property. Mandatory masking may be re-initiated at the site level by:
    • Federal, state or local public health authorities’ direction
    • The Medical Director of any program, based on local risk and transmission rates
    • The Program Director, in the event of a COVID outbreak among staff

  • Individual team members may continue to mask if they choose to do so as part of their personal COVID risk mitigation posture.

  • If you are exposed to someone with COVID, you do NOT need to isolate, but you are encouraged to take a COVID test on the fifth day after exposure.

  • If you have COVID or flu symptoms, do not come to work and obtain a COVID and/or flu test

  • If you are positive for COVID, do not report to work for at least five (5) days, with the date you first or had symptoms or tested positive (whichever was later) as day “zero”. You may return to work if after the fifth day you have had 24 hours with no fever (without being on fever-reducing meds) and other symptoms are improving. This is a change, and BHG is adopting the CDC’s shorter isolation period as this has been in place elsewhere for months without complication.

  • Patients who are known to be COVID or flu positive should be curb dosed for at least 5 days after the date they tested positive or developed symptoms. Nurses should mask when administering these doses.

  • BHG continues to encourage COVID vaccination, to include the new Omicron-variant specific booster which is now available

We continue to find ourselves in an unprecedented time as we come together to fight two public health crises simultaneously — an opioid crisis and the global coronavirus pandemic — and we will continue to ensure that every effort we make is done to strengthen and improve the lives and communities of those we serve.

To our patients and their families: we encourage you to join us in these efforts by speaking with your counselor or calling your local center before stopping in. We will continue to share updates on our website and social media as the situation evolves. Please also see below for responses to some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received.

Our centers are still open and providing care, including new admissions. If you are ready to begin your recovery, or if you have state- or center-specific questions, contact your local BHG center to get the most up-to-date information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my treatment center stay open?
All BHG centers are remaining open at this time to provide care to existing patients as well as admit new patients. However, hours may have been modified at some centers. Please call your center for its updated hours. To find the center nearest you, visit our locations directory.

Do I need to come in for treatment?
You will need to come in to pick up your medication. However, we have expanded take-home doses at all our centers depending on each patient’s treatment plan and state regulations to reduce the frequency of patient visits to our centers. And although in-person counseling is available at most locations, speak to your counselor about extending tele-counseling as an alternative.

What do I do if I have COVID-19 symptoms on the day I come to BHG?
If you are experiencing symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19, please call the treatment center before your arrival, and we will handle your individual case on an as-needed basis.

How can I get additional take-home doses?
While all our centers have expanded take-home privileges in response to COVID-19, the specific amount of medication you can take home will depend on your stage of recovery, and state laws and regulations. Your care team will work with you to determine the number of take-home doses allowed. Please call your center if you have any questions regarding your medication.

Do I have to get counseling since I’m not coming into the center?
Yes, you will still need to continue your counseling sessions as part of your treatment plan determined by your care team. In-person counseling is available at most locations, and we are extending tele-counseling as an alternative. Please call your center regarding your counseling schedule should you have questions or wish to change how you connect with your counselor. It is common these days to feel more anxiety and deal with additional stressors and your counselor is available to help. Please reach out.

I lost my job and am experiencing financial distress; how do I pay for treatment?
Depending on the state you live in, you may be eligible for federal insurance, such as Medicaid or Medicare, or a financial grant. The staff at your center can help you determine what your options are for coverage of your treatment. Please call your center if your financial situation has changed and our counselors will help identify possible payment options.

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