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BHG Madison Treatment Center

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Your New Treatment Options Are:

Yes! You can choose between in-center dosing or a prescription.

Yes! You can choose between all three of the FDA-approved medications.

Yes! You get medication, treatment, doctor visits, and all support services as part of your recovery program.

Your New Treatment Options Are:

Yes! You can choose between in-center dosing or a prescription.

Yes! You can choose between all three of the FDA-approved medications.

Yes! You get medication, treatment, doctor visits, and all support services as part of your recovery program.


Walk-ins welcome

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Available Services

Addiction Counseling

The mainstay of substance abuse treatment, addiction counseling uses cognitive behavioral therapy in individual, group, and family counseling formats to help patients escape cravings and learn to manage stress and triggers without drugs.

MAR with Methadone

The gold standard in outpatient treatment and recovery supported by FDA-approved methadone. Dose at any BHG treatment center and earn take-home privileges once you stabilize. Connect with your counselor in person or in a virtual session. Safe even for pregnant patients.  Includes medical screenings and assessments.

If you have concerns about entering treatment, you’re not alone. BHG has helped many patients overcome common, but very real challenges to making a full recovery. Some of those are:


BHG accepts Medicaid and Medicare, and other coverage options may be available.

Underlying Health Issues

Many who struggle with opioid use disorder have co-occurring issues like depression. Our counselors will work with you to diagnose and treat those health concerns in order to heal the whole person.

Disrupting Your Life

Through BHG’s flexible and personalized outpatient treatment program, you can maintain your life and, equally important, your anonymity.

Fear of Withdrawal

Our personalized recovery plans incorporate Medication-Assisted RecoverySM and counseling for a safe, effective withdrawal.

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Getting Started

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At Behavioral Health Group, we understand that opioid addiction is a complex medical issue, not a moral failure. We are dedicated to providing effective evidence-based treatment for opioid addiction. We offer Medication-Assisted Treatment which utilizes a combination of medication such as methadone, buprenorphine or buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone, Zubsolv, Bunavail) along with counseling services to provide comprehensive opioid addiction treatment. While taking part in our outpatient treatment programs, patients have the opportunity to continue productive lives within their families, jobs and communities.

A New Class of Recovery Centers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about BHG?

Just three things about BHG can make all the difference to you. First, we focus on recovery for a lifetime. All our products and services, our culture and clinical approach are built around facilitating recovery, not just delivering treatment. Second, our proprietary clinical model applies proven treatment strategies in a dynamic and flexible care model that allows us to move patients through different avenues as their needs change and evolve. Patients remain engaged and better understand their path to recovery, which, ultimately, delivers better clinical outcomes. Third, our expansive counseling services and case management deliver better guidance and consultation to patients and family members. And by offering OTP (in-center dosing) and OBOT (prescription-based dosing) together in multiple locations, patients have more choice in medication types and how they’re administered in the least restrictive, low-cost setting.

How effective is treatment?

We at BHG believe in Medication-Assisted Recovery (MAR). The whole point is to get into recovery, and treatment is the way to get there. Medications assist the treatment. Treatment teaches you about how your brain and your mind change over the course of addiction, and how to let it heal and change back. Treatment teaches you to identify triggers that could lead to relapse and how to avoid them. And, for those times when risky situations can’t be avoided, treatment teaches coping skills to get through it without elapsing. Perhaps that’s why 99% of BHG patients report their mental health and quality of life improved once treatment led them to recovery.